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What lies beneath: underfloor demystified

Mar 2019 General, Heating | Comments Off on What lies beneath: underfloor demystified
What lies beneath: underfloor demystified

Underfloor heating is no longer the preserve of prestigious developments – make sure you’re ready to take advantage

Underfloor heating is a great way to save space within your customers’ homes. The discreet solution keeps the whole room warm and cosy without the need for bulky radiators that take up both floor and wall space.

With the industry seeing a 7% growth in the underfloor heating market in 2017, Amber Underfloor Heating is going from strength to strength. Amber products are distributed exclusively through wholesalers, retailers and retail showrooms, providing underfloor heating mats, foils, cables and the latest thermostat ranges to suit any electrical heated floor requirement.

Electric mats

Amber Underfloor Heating using AmberMats can be installed in just four easy steps:
1. Measure and plan Work out where you want to lay the underfloor heating and take into consideration any obstacles such as pipework and furniture.
2. Roll the mat Place the cold tail – which is the starting point for the heat to travel under your floor – at the connection point – the place that provides the heat – and start rolling the mat across the floor.
3. Cutting and turning Cut and turn the mat to fit into your room, taking extra care around obstacles so that the yellow cable in which the heat travels through is not damaged.
4. Tile over A flexible tile adhesive or latex compound should be laid over the AmberMat before placing the tiles back on your floor.

The connection point allows the heat to travel from the cold tail throughout the yellow cable underneath your floor to keep all homes warm.

Foil mats

The AmberDry underfloor heating foil mats provide sole source floor warming to floating laminate and engineered wood floor finishes. Simple to use and quick to install, the AmberDry system removes any requirement for installing a latex compound under the floor finish and features an aluminium dissipation layer to spread the heat evenly from the cable.

For an effective heating system, the AmberDry foil mats must be fitted onto the Amber-XPS insulation boards. Prior to fitting the floor finish a 500 gauge polythene layer must also be installed.

The underfloor heating in every room can be controlled by its own thermostat and be set and changed to a temperature that suits the client.