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OCTO connects

Nov 2018 General, Lighting, Smart Homes | Comments Off on OCTO connects
OCTO connects

OCTO is a smart lighting system that is as easy to install as it is to operate and can give installers an edge with their customers, according to Ansell Lighting

According to PWC’s ‘Connected Home’ survey, just under 50% of consumers are planning to invest in some form of smart home technology in the near term and are looking for a ‘trusted installer’ to help them navigate through the many options.

Ansell Lighting, in partnership with Holders Components, has just launched OCTO, a Bluetooth-connected lighting system and a prime example of the type of affordable, reliable and future-proof technology that can give installers an edge with their customers.

Based on Casambi technology, the offering provides a wide range of smart lighting fixtures that are effortless to install and even easier to operate, giving the consumer complete wireless control of the lighting system, either via an intuitive app or smart accessories.

Ansell Lighting is supporting its installers by introducing an education programme to coincide with OCTO’s launch. The training aims to improve installers’ understanding of how smart lighting works and to offer practical guidance on set-up of the system for end users and commissioning of the lighting via the OCTO app.

Richard Kemp, head of innovation at Ansell Lighting, comments: “There is a knowledge gap within the industry surrounding connected lighting, which is to be expected with any new technology. We are planning to address this by launching an OCTO training programme, which will include developing educational guides and hosting a large number of live demonstrations and interactive workshops across the country.

“Our vision is to build a community of certified OCTO installers that will in turn have the confidence and expertise to help educate customers about the wide range of smart lighting solutions and features that they can benefit from using.”

The Casambi system

Casambi’s revolutionary system is based on Bluetooth Low Energy, the only low-power radio communication technology that’s built into every modern smart phone, smart watch, laptop and tablet. It provides robust, professional-level smart lighting control from almost any mobile device – and installation couldn’t be simpler.

Utilising Casambi technology, OCTO delivers the complete smart lighting package. Ideal for residential, retail or commercial environments, light fittings that are controlled by the Casambi technology can communicate directly with a smart device, and with each other. They operate flawlessly because they form a self-organising and self-healing mesh network where each luminaire can relay information to and from others – so if any individual luminaire fails, or is removed or reconfigured, the lighting controls keep working.

How does OCTO benefit the consumer?

The intuitive OCTO app allows users to use mobile devices like smart phones to switch lighting fixtures on or off, while adjustments to brightness and colour temperature can be made to compatible smart lamps.

Users can control lighting in a group, sub-groups or individual luminaires. Scenes can be set whereby users take photos of a space and mark the positions of the luminaires. Then they simply tap the one they want to control to create lighting scenes and schedules for different occasions and needs.

With calendar and timer functionality, scenes and animations can be turned on and off based on a convenient time and date to suit a user’s needs.

Network security is another important consideration and different sharing settings can be set for each network with different administrator passwords. Motion sensors can easily be commissioned, and these can assist in energy saving by only illuminating an area when they detect movement.

What special knowledge does the installer need?

Hardly anything, simply install OCTO-compatible luminaires and controllers. Unlike most professional lighting control systems, which need to be planned, fitted and commissioned by technical experts, the OCTO system requires no new wiring and no network hardware (other than the light fittings themselves).

And because Casambi doesn’t rely on WiFi, there’s no need for a gateway such as a router or bridge. Even if there’s no WiFi network nearby at all, Casambi will work fine.

As for commissioning, it’s simple enough to be done by users themselves through the OCTO app powered by Casambi. But it’s still sophisticated enough for more complex installations: facilities managers can easily set themselves up as administrators and limit which functions are available to general users.

What environments are OCTO best suited for?

Casambi-powered OCTO provides professional-level control and can deal with a limitless number of luminaires. Users are installing it in everything from private residences to large-scale office and retail projects.

It’s ideal for locations with sensors that monitor things like motion and daylight to maximise savings in electricity use. And because it’s totally wireless, OCTO is a particularly attractive choice for retrofit applications, sensitive buildings and temporary installations such as museum exhibitions, retail displays and even pop-up shops.