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Tools: invest to make a living

Sep 2018 Tools | Comments Off on Tools: invest to make a living
Tools: invest to make a living

Cheap tools are a false economy, says Makita. Quality and power will see you make the highest return on your investment

There’s a vast difference between a hobby and a profession, especially where power tools are concerned. It is quite acceptable to pop into one of the giant retail sheds and purchase a cheap drill for domestic operations, but if you think about the number of minutes you actually have the trigger pressed down on your drill when active around the home, it’s a fraction of the time when compared to the trigger time at work. Every time your power tool stops working so do you, and more importantly, you stop earning.

Buying a Makita professional quality power tool is an investment in your business operation. You select the right tool for the job, the right power, the right capacity and you should consider the whole operating process at the same time. “Which tool will cover the most jobs so I don’t have to carry 10 different tools onto site? What accessories do I need?” And accessories are another investment decision. No point in investing in a powerful hammer drill and then buying inferior drill bits just because they are cheap.

Think power and charging

There are more than 600 professional tools in the Makita range. In addition, there is an equally strong range of quality accessories, including the new OmniBohrer collection of multi-purpose drill bits that are suitable for use with a diverse range of materials and reduce the need to switch between bit types.

Electricians will always be interested in batteries and the trend in cordless power tools is to up the Amp Hour ratings. While the 18V battery system has proved to be a market winner for Makita, the ever-increasing demands for more motor power has seen the introduction of brushless motors and the 4.0Ah, 5.0Ah and 6.0Ah batteries, which all have charge times of less than one hour.

For tough site operations, 36V power may be required and Makita’s twin 18V technology, where two 18V batteries are used in series to supply energy to the 36V DC motor drive system, is proving popular. When different battery capacities, eg a 4.0Ah and 5.0Ah battery are used together, or a fully charged battery together with a 70% charged battery, the machine stops when the battery with the lowest capacity is empty. This twin battery configuration is employed in the DHR263, a rugged 3-mode rotary hammer drill.

Impact drivers seem to get more powerful and smaller at the same time. A good example of this is the Makita DTD155 18V LXT Brushless Impact Driver which is both compact, equalling the size of Makita’s 10.8V-12V CXT machines, and enormously powerful.

This model runs up to 3,000rpm in high mode, delivers an impressive 3,900 impacts per minute, and generates a substantial 140Nm maximum tightening torque. Weighing a comfortable and sleek 1.5kg, this smart impact driver with slim motor housing, will drive home a high strength M12 bolt, an M14 standard bolt, M8 machine screw and 90mm coarse thread screw.

The DTD155 also offers the new A-Mode (Assist-Mode) facility. When selected, rotation starts slowly allowing maximum control of the screw as it starts to bite into the material. Once the impact driver detects the screw tightening it switches to full speed and impact power to complete the sequence. This is designed to eliminate ‘screw cam-out’ and ‘cross threading’ caused by high speed rotation before the screw bites in the material.

Better with brushless

The DTD155 impact driver features Makita’s Brushless motor technology, which substantially enhances the performance and longevity of the tool while reducing friction within the motor and so releasing greater power from the ‘engine’. This in turn extends the runtime of the battery and generates less heat, which in turn reduces maintenance. Without brushes needing to be changed periodically, service operations are simpler, quicker and less expensive, and with fewer friction parts, overall reliability has to be enhanced.

One further significant factor has emerged with the brushless motor. It is substantially shorter in overall length and has a reduced mass, which has already evolved into design to make the machines smaller overall, more compact, lighter and therefore even more manoeuvrable in confined working spaces.

Accuracy on site is the prime requirement when installing lighting, power points and conduit runs. Using a simple laser level is fast and accurate and ensures accuracy of alignment and a job well done. The Makita range of laser levels includes models powered by standard AA batteries as well as new models that run off Makita’s CXT 12V Max battery technology.

Chasing with ease

The popularity of the fast-build attributes of the revolutionary walling system that uses precision engineered, multi-pore clay blocks increases the use of powered wall-chasers for the installation of ductwork and trunking. The Makita SG1251J wall-chaser is a high specification machine with a 1,400W motor that will run the 125mm (5in) blades up to 10,000rpm without load. The twin blades can be adjusted by the 3mm wide spacers to form a channel from 6mm up to 30mm in width.

The design of the aluminium blade guard allows for easy blade replacement and a very accurate cutting depth control up to 30mm deep. The depth is pre-set by the stop wheel on the side of the case and pressure is applied to the ergonomically designed front handle, which allows the blades to be lowered into the material to the pre-set stop.

While the blade guard has a convenient port for direct connection to a dust extraction vacuum, the motor housing features dust protection against ingress of dust and dirt for motor reliability and longevity. The trigger control is located conveniently at the side of the soft-grip handle and has lock-on capability and constant speed control.

This powerful wall-chaser has the benefit of Soft Start and features the Super Joint System for motor and operator protection against snagging overload.