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NICEIC is moving the electrical industry forward

Jul 2018 Latest News, Legislation, Training | Comments Off on NICEIC is moving the electrical industry forward

NICEIC explains how its proposed revamp of the Certifier of Construction scheme will significantly improve electrical safety, protect consumers and eliminate rogue trading

Over the past 18 months the Scottish Government, supported by a working group from the electrical industry, has been investigating the issues of electrical safety in Scotland. In particular, it has been looking at the issue of rogue electricians and the threat they pose to public safety.

As a result, the Government has committed to:

  • Working with the sector to develop options for a consumer mark or register to support consumer awareness of qualified, assessed electricians
  • Independently assessing the current risk and, if deemed necessary, build a business case to determine a proportionate response.
  • Alongside this work, NICEIC will be presenting to government and other interested parties a plan to build on a scheme that is already in place in Scotland and has the extra protection for consumers should something ever go wrong.

    Certifier of Construction

    The Certifier of Construction (CoC) scheme has been in place in Scotland since 2005.

    Under this scheme electricians can become certifiers and have the authority to certify work for building warrant purposes.

    Only a Scheme Provider appointed by the Scottish Building Standards Division (BSD) can assess and appoint Certifiers. NICEIC and SELECT are currently able to register both Approved Bodies and Approved Certifiers of Construction.

    An Approved Body must employ at least one Approved Certifier of Construction and meet the criteria of the Scheme Guide.

    Individuals who wish to register as an Approved Certifier of Construction must meet the criteria of the Scheme Guide. An Approved Certifier of Construction can only certify work when employed by an Approved Body.

    NICEIC proposal

    The NICEIC proposal to move the electrical industry forward is to relaunch the CoC scheme so that it becomes the option of choice for everyone connected to the electrical industry.

    It would require all workers carrying out electrical work to be part of the scheme and mean anyone employing an electrician – be it domestic or commercial – uses only those electricians registered on the scheme.

    To roll this out NICEIC would incorporate the CoC scheme into its own assessment process. With more than 1,000 businesses in Scotland already enrolled on NICEIC’s Approved Contractor scheme alone, this would provide an immediate boost to the CoC scheme.

    Importantly, NICEIC is also proposing simplifications to the current scheme
    certification process to save time and resource. A widening of the scope of work requiring certification is a further significant element of our proposals to protect the consumer and deter the rogue trader.


    By making the CoC Scheme the number one choice in Scotland, NICEIC believes there is an opportunity to build and improve on what is already in place.

    Trust is a critical element of any register of skilled and competent individuals that the consumer will successfully engage with. This is a key strength of the CoC scheme as it is the Scottish Government that owns and manages this resource, thus providing an independent and impartial resource for all.

    The CoC scheme was developed as a Scottish solution more than 10 years ago. However, only around 4,000 certificates of construction are completed each year.

    Under the NICEIC scheme, our registrants carry out more than 160,000 certificates of work. By combining the two schemes we could create a more comprehensive and documented record of electrical work carried out in Scotland.

    Additionally, all work carried out by NICEIC registrants comes with our platinum promise guarantee – an assurance to customers that any work that has not been carried out in compliance with BS7671 Building Regulations will be rectified and put right by NICEIC.

    We believe these are the processes that should be in place to take the electrical sector forward. We will be presenting our proposal to contractors when we meet up during our roadshow events in August.

    We will also be meeting with ministers and other relevant bodies in Scotland to look at ways to improve the current CoC scheme to achieve the desired outcomes. With additional support from all involved agencies we believe the scheme could be relaunched, remarketed and redesigned to meet the current requirements.

    NICEIC is keen to support whatever route the Scottish Government decides to follow and is committed to ensuring electrical safety, consumer protection and the elimination of rogue trading are at the core of any future developments.