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Let’s go outside

Jul 2018 Lighting | Comments Off on Let’s go outside
Let’s go outside

From buildings to gardens, JCC has some top tips for choosing the most suitable options for an outdoor area

Sourcing suitable lighting is key to making the most of your outdoor area, offering a unique way to highlight and enhance your home or place of business. Lighting can be used to subtly enrich surroundings or emphasise unique natural features such as trees and walls. Simply by offsetting natural colour tones against contemporary feature lighting, beautiful complementary schemes can be achieved.


Consistency is a vital element when planning a lighting scheme and high levels of uniformity can be used to draw attention to the hues and nuances of a garden. Simple concepts such as groups of bollards have the ability to add character to otherwise simple pathways and walkways, by helping to promote the intricacy of their designs. JCC’s architectural range, for example, has been designed to match in colour temperature, colour finish and performance, helping to create both functional and attractive outdoor areas


When choosing light fittings for an application, it is imperative to consider the look and style of the fixture. The fittings must effortlessly integrate into your garden’s design, by blending in with the environment during the day and highlighting key features at night. Using versatile fittings such as up/down directional lights can produce noticeable shifts in balance, providing unique detailing that is absent from the usual rigid fittings.

An important part of garden aesthetics are sight lines, which relate to how we perceive light from different angles; the eye is drawn to straight lines, giving us an initial impression of a space. A clear understanding of how angles affect our perception is key to achieving the desired look. Stylish wall bar lighting can be used to create a crisp downward projection and by accentuating this straight-line effect you can emphasise feature walls and highlight prominent landscapes.

A number of exterior fittings are designed to provide the greatest light output possible. To accomplish this without using more power, an obvious choice is cool/natural white colour temperatures that provide a brighter light. However, this can have adverse effects on the human eye, nature and the surrounding area due to unnecessary light pollution. Ultimately, the lighting selected should naturally complement the features of your garden. Matching finishes and colour temperatures can help to establish a uniform look across your outdoor area. The Architectural Exterior range provides an environmentally friendly 3000K, creating a more inviting and comfortable light source while avoiding the disturbance of natural habitats.


As well as being stylish, it is important that light fittings remain practical; part of this is ensuring that they offer flexibility in mounting options and fitting sizes. Directional wall mounted fittings produce wider beam angles, helping to spread light across feature walls. And wall spots or spike lights use adjustable heads that channel light output, creating focused beams that can be directed at specific focal points.

Some areas require light to be distributed in multiple directions to maximise the area the light covers. This ensures a higher level of efficiency and functionality, meaning individual fittings can cover a wider surface area, omitting the need for a greater number of fittings.


Durability is an important factor when considering garden lighting, which is at risk of corrosion, water damage and general wear and tear caused by weather and other elements. IP ratings are an important part of this process, as they highlight the compatibility of the chosen fitting. JCC’s Architectural Exterior Range uses a die-cast aluminium construction and high IP ratings (IP54 and IP65) to ensure all internal components receive a high level of protection against water ingress. Designed with durable powder coated die cast aluminium, all the fittings in the range are protected against salt corrosion and supported by a three-year warranty or two-year product guarantee.

Where can outdoor lighting be used?

There are many areas where outdoor lighting is suitable, for example, commercial locations use it to advertise their business, homeowners use it to highlight areas of their landscaped gardens and industrial/local authority require durable fittings that can provide enough light output to adhere to health and safety regulations. It is important to choose products that offer a wide amount of versatility and the Architectural Exterior Range offers an extensive selection of outdoor fittings that provides substantial light output while enhancing the aesthetics of a landscaped environment.


There are many considerations when selecting the most appropriate outdoor lighting, with a wide range of options available depending on the design and style of the area. To create mood lighting, LED lanterns or decorative wall lanterns are best suited, providing a more eye-catching approach to garden lighting. For areas requiring more practical solutions, stylish LED floodlights and bollards are a more functional option, providing consistent lighting that contributes to the safety of an outdoor area.

To ensure you are choosing the right fitting, numerous factors including the style and layout of the garden can influence this process. Each landscape offers its own unique challenges that can be overcome by careful planning. Practicality, durability and aesthetics must all be explored to find the most appropriate solution.

Contemporary fittings that combine a mixture of both integrated and non-integrated options provide flexibility for those looking to light both modern and traditional applications.