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New BSI Kitemark reassures consumers of security of IoT devices

May 2018 Latest News, Smart Homes | Comments Off on New BSI Kitemark reassures consumers of security of IoT devices

In response to the growth of internet-connected products, BSI has launched a new BSI Kite-mark for IoT Devices, the first of its kind in the internet of things (IoT) space. It is designed to help consumers confidently and easily identify the IoT devices they can trust to be safe, secure and functional.

It is estimated that every household in the UK owns at least 10 internet-connected devices and this number is expected to increase to 15 by 2020. By this time, it is also estimated that more than a quarter of identified attacks will involve IoT devices, as recent high-profile breaches have demonstrated.

In March 2018, the Government’s Secure by Design review announced a series of measures to make connected devices safer to use. The Kitemark builds on these guidelines by providing on-going rigorous and independent assessments to make sure the device both functions and communicates as it should, and that it has the appropriate security controls in place. Manufac-turers of internet connected devices will be able to reassure consumers by displaying the Kite-mark on their product and in their marketing materials.

There are three different types of BSI Kitemark for IoT Devices, which will be awarded follow-ing assessment according to the device’s intended use: residential, for use in residential appli-cations; commercial, for use in commercial applications; and enhanced, for use in residential or commercial high value and high risk applications.

Before being awarded the Kitemark, the manufacturer is assessed against ISO 9001 and the product is required to pass both an assessment of functionality and interoperability, as well as penetration testing scanning for vulnerabilities and security flaws.

Once the Kitemark is achieved, the product will undergo regular monitoring and assessment including functional and interoperability testing, further penetration testing and an audit to re-view any necessary remedial action. Importantly, if security levels and product quality are not maintained the BSI Kitemark will be revoked until any flaws are rectified.

David Mudd, IoT business development director at BSI, said: “Connected devices can bring huge benefits to consumers, but as they become ever more commonplace it’s imperative that both their function and their security is up to scratch. The new BSI Kitemark for IoT Devices will pro-vide consumers with a quick and easy way of identifying which products they can trust to not only perform as expected, but also keep their data secure.”