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SCAME: Fully charged

Jan 2018 Cable & Wire, Electric Vehicles | Comments Off on SCAME: Fully charged
SCAME: Fully charged

From wiring accessories to electric vehicle charging, SCAME doesn’t let the grass grow under its feet when it comes to developing products and seeking out new markets for its technological expertise.

You know the saying “think global, act local”? SCAME, the Italian manufacturer of electrical components and systems for civil and industrial applications, is taking that one step further by using “glocalisation” along with innovation, focus and design to define its modus operandi.

Headquartered in Bergamo province, near Milan, the company is steadily increasing its international presence using glocalisation to reduce physical distances, digital innovation to facilitate contacts, focus to meet the needs of the market and design to bring together knowledge, skill and R&D.

From small beginnings

In 1963, Giovanni Scainelli and three of his friends – Luigi Piccinali, Gianni and Cornelio Palamini – founded SCAME (SCAinelli Materiale Elettrico), specialising in insulated nails for fixing electrical cables to walls.

By the early 1980s the company had introduced its first series of IEC sockets and plugs and developed the first industrial adaptor. Wired and certified cabinets for construction sites, as well as the Eureka series of quick wiring connectors, followed in the early 1990s, and the company made its first foray into electrical vehicles (EV) with the Libera series of connectors in 1999.

ATEX equipment for use in environments at risk of explosion was introduced in 2008.

Today, SCAME offers a catalogue of 20,000 products to meet any installation need, all of which are quality assured in compliance with national and international reference standards.

They are available through a network of 18 branches and a consolidated network of distributors over five continents. In addition, it has production facilities in Italy, France, Slovakia and China.

Driving development

The ethos behind its product development is to create new solutions that are easier and safer to use, improve the end-user’s quality of life and minimise the impact of the company’s production processes on the environment.

The major factors driving change in product development are constant investment and R&D – always looking to offer new or upgraded solutions for the industry. Feedback from contractors and installers is always listened to and acted on via the many seminars it holds worldwide.

The company says the imminent introduction of the 18th edition of the Wiring Regulations is being addressed by a dedicated team of engineers in Italy who manage standards worldwide and its products will be fully compliant.

The growth of wireless technology has seen SCAME develop an industrial socket for monitoring and managing power that works with GPS/WiFi to simplify management of many sockets over a large area.

This technology has been incorporated into its EV charging products, and SCAME has a dedicated system programmer within a team of nine who are looking to develop the EV market, products and solutions.

Providing protection

Without neglecting its traditional offer based on domestic and industrial products, SCAME has developed an articulated range of ATEX-IECEx products for installation in hazardous areas.

Thanks to the increased safety method of protection (Ex de) based on the adoption of a non-sparking switch, the ATEX-IECEx interlocked switch socket ADVANCE-GRP [GD] series and ISOLATORS-EX [GD] series of switch disconnectors for Zone 1 are as easy to install as normal products for industrial applications and do not require periodic maintenance and checks because methods such as “Ex nR” (limited breathing enclosures) protection are incorporated into the standard.

Advances in EV

SCAME anticipates significant growth in the EV market over the coming years and is working with car manufacturers including Renault and Nissan to ensure the sector’s needs are met.

At present, the company globally sees greater potential within the commercial, private, public and local authority sectors rather than in domestic installation. It is supplying many manufacturers with Type 2 sockets and has developed a version that is shuttered and latching to meet new standards.

SCAME is seeing an increase in enquiries from the installer, particularly where Government support is available. However, the company has noted that most installers are going after domestic business for basic wallboxes, whereas some of its partners are looking towards the larger, public and private commercial sector, where incentives and grants are being made more available.

In the future, SCAME sees more potential for pillars with a higher charging capacity and it is currently developing new DC products to enhance the time taken to charge. This will require more specialised installation due to the power required.

Looking ahead

Modern equipment, robotised assembly work and quality control combine to guarantee that SCAME’s products are reliable, technologically advanced and available worldwide.

Coupled with a constant drive to keep pace with, and ahead of, the latest developments in electrical components and systems and the explosion in demand for EV charging equipment, the company truly is going from strength to strength.