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Government announcement heralds rise in demand for EV charging points

Aug 2017 Electric Vehicles, Latest News | Comments Off on Government announcement heralds rise in demand for EV charging points

Martin Jones, business development manager for services solutions at Rexel UK, has issued a statement in response to the government announcement that Britain is set to ban all new diesel and petrol cars and vans from 2040:

“With the announcement last week that the government is aiming to ban all new diesel and petrol cars from 2040, as well as reviewing the use of hybrid vehicles, the drive towards the use of electric vehicles (EVs) will undoubtedly accelerate at a much faster pace.

“While vehicle manufacturers will obviously take the lead on enhancing their EV offerings, there is still much to be done across UK infrastructure to support the ever-growing use of EV vehicles.

“Although at Rexel we have already seen many businesses beginning to invest in EV charging facilities, the current facilities available do not support an increased number of EV vehicles on the roads. As a result, it won’t be long before the government starts introducing measures requiring businesses to offer EV charging facilities.

“With the pressure now on to meet this new government target, there is a real opportunity for consumer-facing businesses, and indeed commercial operations, to stay ahead of the game and ensure they are prepared for the 2040 target. By taking a planned approach to EV, businesses can not only avoid having to make a ‘panic’ investment when any future legislation is put into place, but they can also reap rewards in the short term.

“EV solutions also offer many benefits to businesses looking to attract customers, particularly those who are already seeking more sustainable options. As well as offering a point of differentiation in the eyes of end users, it can also offer a commercial opportunity for the business itself.

“By being able to market themselves as ‘electric vehicle friendly’, a location will automatically become more attractive to the increasing number of drivers already using or planning to purchase an electric car.

“More importantly, the flexibility available within today’s charging points means businesses can set or change the charging price to suit their own requirements, allowing them to secure a return on investment and even generate a profit, all within a period of time of their choosing.

“Investing in EV charging facilities now will play a significant role in ensuring the UK has the infrastructure in place to effectively accommodate the surge in electric vehicles, while also meaning businesses are ‘future-proofed’ to capitalise on growth as more electric vehicles take to the roads.”