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Can your cable management cut it?

Jun 2017 Cable & Wire, General | Comments Off on Can your cable management cut it?
Can your cable management cut it?

Contractors could be forgiven for going for the cheapest cable management product. However, says Emma Segelov of MK Electric, quality can differ between manufacturers and it’s important to buy from a reliable, reputable source

For electrical contractors, reputation is everything. Many rely on word of mouth referrals to generate new business, and therefore it is vital that every job is completed to the highest standard, using components that the installer can rely on.

Although perhaps not the most glamorous of products, cable management solutions – just like any other – need to be top quality, flexible and long lasting. Unfortunately, there is a perception that cheaper alternatives are no different to higher-end options, which can lead to inferior products being selected and a less satisfactory overall result for the end-user.

Traditionally seen as fairly basic, cable management products have evolved considerably over the years to meet the needs of both contractor and end-user. Many solutions are designed specifically to cut installation time for contractors, while ensuring all the necessary legislative boxes are ticked, and a solid standard of practicality and aesthetics is maintained to keep the customer happy.

What’s more, where once a ‘one size fits all’ approach seemed to dominate the market, the solutions available today are able to cater to the diverse needs of a vast range of projects, thereby helping to simplify specification.

Fast, fuss-free installation

A good example of innovative cable management can be found by looking at the MK Electric Prestige 3D range of compartment trunking. Manufactured to the highest level of precision and offering a greater trunking depth to cater for Cat 5e, 6 and 7 structured cabling, this clever range offers a number of features designed for the ultimate in fast, fuss-free installation.

Firstly, the range is made of PVC-u, which is lightweight – therefore simpler to transport around a site – and easier to cut and fabricate than metal alternatives. Moreover, it is resistant to electricity, which means there is no need for earthing, and it is corrosion resistant. Further time-saving features include pre-drilled trunking bases, eliminating the need to measure and drill fixing holes on site, as well as a unique ‘open box’ mounting frame combined with divider knockout to provide tool-free cable entry.

Internal and external corners accommodate +5% irregularity in squareness of a corner, so obstacles such as pillars can be navigated with ease. These come ready assembled for completely fuss-free installation.

Additive eradicates bacteria

The innovation doesn’t end there. As an extension to the offer, Prestige Antibac Blue is an antibacterial three-compartment power and data trunking system designed to kill the bacteria that can grow on surfaces.

Prestige Antibac Blue uses a silver-based additive within the PVC-u that acts as an effective weapon in eradicating bacteria, such as MRSA, rather than just restricting its growth. As the additive is homogenous with the PVC-u compound, the protection runs throughout; in this way, there is no loss of effectiveness where the trunking lengths are cut on-site or if the surface becomes scuffed or scratched.

The result, as verified by a separate independent test, is a 99.9% kill rate on both MRSA and Klebsiella pneumoniae. It is therefore an ideal solution, alongside a robust cleaning regime, for contractors when specifying for hospitals, care home providers and other establishments where reducing infection count is a number one priority.

Aiding ease of installation further, all Prestige 3D products come complete with a vast choice of angles, joints and connectors, to aid installation on site. MK Electric is also able to offer bespoke solutions through its specialist team to meet the demands of even the most complex requirements.

Looking wider, these Prestige 3D ranges are complemented by an extensive range of leading wiring devices such as the MK Electric Logic Plus – which ticks all boxes for the majority of installations.

Again, quick and easy installation is a huge benefit; key features include in-line terminals, funnel entrances to terminals, backed out and captive screws and clear terminal markings.

Aiding safety credentials, Logic Plus products also include an inherent antimicrobial property as a result of the high-grade thermoset material used to manufacture, providing a complete solution for high-risk areas such as hospitals. Plus, a 3-pin operation ‘child resistant shutter system’ is designed to inhibit access to the electricity supply unless all three pins of a standard British 13A plug are in position.

Logic Plus also has the added benefit of being scratch-free, thanks to high quality mould tools, meaning there are no dirt traps for the bacteria to spread – another way of optimising precautionary levels. The range has also been designed with a soft curved edge and a chamfered top edge, which helps to prevent dust and dirt collection and avoid harbouring bacteria – and it even comes with a 20-year guarantee for added peace of mind. Key products in the range are available in ‘graphite’ colour to support Part M compliance.

Easy availability

Lastly, the beauty of choosing cable management products, and respective wiring accessories from a leading manufacturer is the benefit of wide distribution nationally, stock capability and quality. Whether it’s a sizeable order or a last-minute need for additional parts, contractors can rest assured of consistent supply, further minimising unneeded and costly downtime.

At first glance, cable management products can appear to be much of a muchness. However, by investing in easy-to-install options tailored to meet the needs of a specific project, contractors can feel assured of completing a job to the highest possible standard, in a time-efficient manner.

With innovative and flexible cable management options available, it makes perfect sense to invest in a better standard of product to ensure every project need is met, and the customer is left completely satisfied.