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Taking the first step to a smart home just got easier…

May 2015 Smart Homes | Comments Off on Taking the first step to a smart home just got easier…
Taking the first step to a smart home just got easier…

Gavin Williams, Marketing Manager at Hamilton Litestat, discusses the benefits of taking advantage of smart technology.

The customer benefits of installing a smart lighting control system are compelling. They include controlling ambiance and mood light levels at the touch of a button, to enhancing carefully planned living space, satisfying the insatiable appetite to remotely control all aspects of our homes and lives via an app. There’s also the possibility of making significant energy savings.

These benefits all ensure that effective lighting control is a natural choice – even the most basic dimmer, when turned down slightly, uses less power. More sophisticated controls encompassing latest technology yield even more power and cost savings.

  • A recent research study conducted among homeowners revealed some interesting statistics on smart home technologies:
  • 47% of customers said they would be interested in having a fully connected
  • smart home.
  • 49% of customers asked thought that cost would make it too expensive.
  • Every journey starts with a first step and lighting control is signalled to be the place to set out from with,
  • 60% stating lighting as their service of choice to be controlled remotely via the installation of smart lighting technologies.

Taste of the ‘smart’ life

There are products at the moment that can automate an entire home, from top to bottom, and these are great for projects that warrant them and customers that can afford them.

However, for smaller projects, where the client wants a taste of the ‘automated’ lifestyle, introducing systems on a small scale that can be installed within a normal budget and built upon in the future could be the answer.

Make sure you’re smart ready

Growing your business by suggesting to customers that they take the first steps to a ‘Smart Home’ by beginning with a ‘Smarter Home’ is a great opportunity for the professional installer. With a basic system, day-to-day lighting scenarios, from simple dimming to scene-setting programmes, can be set, stored and recalled – all at ‘the touch of a button’.

Furthermore, these systems can be surprisingly easy on the pocket, making them affordable for many customers who are keen to adopt a smarter lifestyle in the home.

Making light work

The reality is every installer knows virtually all they need to know about smart technology already.  With Hamilton’s Mercury Lighting Control, the smart part is done for you: it’s simple to install and wire-up, and most importantly the control packs can be installed and linked together with no programming. Even remote control via the iOS app can be achieved with no programming whatsoever.

The ‘Smart’ Touch Screen Controller now comes as standard. Described as entry-level ‘out-of-the-box’ systems, suitable for first-time residential projects, both the DK1 and the DK1E kits contain everything needed to control one lighting circuit with the now standard ‘Touch Screen’ control plate.

The DK1 kit is controlled using a wired touch screen plate, and the DK1E has built-in Ethernet and enables wireless control via iPad and iPhone using Hamilton’s downloadable APP, available on the APP Store.

For projects that require more circuits, say in a kitchen, lounge and dining room, the dimmer packs can be linked together and configured using simple dip switch settings – no programming is required.

The finishing touch

Customers will appreciate being able to control their lighting via the touch screen controller, which comes in a white plastic plate finish as standard, but which can be upgraded at no extra cost to a metal finish from the Hartland CFX or Sheer CFX collections. The system can also be controlled by a handheld infrared remote control.

Simple setting and storing of scenes

When installing the Touch Screen controller, absolutely no commissioning work is required as the unit is pre-loaded with the necessary software. The process of setting the light scenes is not dissimilar to programming a car radio – simply hold your finger on the icon button until it locks in.

DK1 at a glance

  • Four channels each rated at 600W.
  • One 3A volt-free relay output (mains or LV).
  • Touch screen interface as standard.
  • Simple to program scene setting (just push and hold).
  • Compatible with LED lamps.
  • Expandable system beyond lighting control, e.g. audio, blinds, fans etc.
  • DK1E option enables wireless control using Mercury iOS APP, available on the APP Store.
  • Option to replace standard white plastic control plate with a Hamilton metal plate from either the Hartland CFX or Sheer CFX ranges, at no extra cost.
  • Conventional switch plates and sockets are also available in Hartland CFX and Sheer CFX, for a co-ordinated look.

A smarter future

Looking ahead, additional intelligent control capabilities such as multi-room audio, blind control, gate occupancy sensors, holiday mode function and remote access, plus a variety of other home controls, can be added at a later date to make the home even ‘smarter’. For further information visit: call +44(0)1747 860088 or email: